The Toon Square


02-TheToonSquare-daz3D 04-TheToonSquare-daz3D05-TheToonSquare-daz3D06-TheToonSquare-daz3D07-TheToonSquare-daz3D 09-TheToonSquare-daz3D

This set consists of Houses, Road, Sidewalk, Street, Trash Cans, Signs, and a great entry of a Park which includes a Fountain, some Benches, Trees, Hedges, a Café, a Tree Corner, several Street Lights and a Bird House.

All the parts are separated but a complete preload set is available for DAZ Studio and Poser. A special House (N°5) is designed including tons of dial options for different doors, windows, curtains, chimney etc. The front street can be horizontal or angled and an incredible "abandoned" morph for the front face of the House. Just put some life in it and enjoy!

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