Out of a legend : the Cobar Roadster like

This is a come back for this project started 2 years ago, already at QA, it will be soon available. It is foreseen to be part of the real 3D world but can be used for the Toogeneration as far it is, by default, scaled for them.

04 -TheRoadStar-daz3D

A somewhat to ride

This little toon bike is the right accessory for our toonGenerations. It announces some more clothes to fit this project. The Bike is already at QA for release and will be soon available


Toon Generations are Heroes !

Foreseen the 21 march, these littles are incredible !

March Update of the site

The update of the site is on his way, a lot of new projects have been done during all this past time, for instance a little work for Intel (the pocket avatar project) : 

But not only, a lot of new items were posted at DAZ : the Toy Train, The Jimmy car (re-transfer from HiveWire), The Toon School Bus, The Toon Trucks, The Toon Square, The Katerina Boat, The Little Sailors, The Steel Birds and The Little Aviators.

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