Scuttle Caps for the Armed Virginia Sloop

Date : 18 September 2021

Some of you request for closing the Guns hole of the hull of the boat in order to make it a simple commercial ship. I can not remake the hull design but I can make some accessories. It consists of individual cap to close the hole which is not requested. Just off the gun unwanted and on the corresponding cap. The picture shows no gun, no swivel gun and the 8 caps on. Available in the free section.


New Iray textures for the Katherina Boat

Date : 1 june 2021


This little boat has so many nice details that I decide to create some more for it. A lot of new details are put in this little item using the texture process. Now,it comes with 6 new Iray textures and a light control (as usual). Just check the story of it.


I won't forget the 3DLight Fans

Date : 14 may 2021


What I promise is that some of the new Iray Texture of my products will be available for the 3DLight users, basically the clones of the originals. I will propose these 3DLight Textures Add-on as free items.



The work is not so easy but it progresses quick. Find here a little render of a new 3DLigh texture for the SteelBird. It was rendered in 3DLight with a single DS default light. Of course it can be ameliorated with complex light system.


Soon, I'll describe how I convert the Iray textures I've done into 3DLight texture sets. Check here for "Read more" occurance


Other special Iray textures for the Toon School Bus

Date : 12 may 2021


I have designed a toon school bus because I really like those. But what if I need another bus type?



The solution is there : I change the design of the original School Bus by texture. How ? Just read more but check already the little left render.

Iray textures reborn older items

Date : 11 may 2021


Because we want to be able to use these designs according the actual technologies, my older items need to be revisited. They suffer of an old texturing technology and are not at all adapted for rendering in Iray. More, they are, for a lot of them, still only in "POSER7" structure which is no more a standard (.dsa, .pz2, etc). I had the idea to push all these great models into the Daz Studio Standard and to create a new set of Iray textures for all of them. And the sets are huge, with plenty of color options, lights effects etc.  During the next weeks you will probably see some of these new Iray textures in the Shop, don't forget to catch them. As far as the UV's are not changed, they work perfectly with the "POSER" verson in Daz Studio (for those who like) but you are incited to catch the DS version instead (free, in your download library). Depending of the success, more Addon will come upon this DS basis.


Notice that the render of the DC3 "Steel Bird" in this page and the picture of the Home page showing the Toon Private Plane" are coated with one of the new Iray Textures they get and rendered in DS Iray.